29 huhtikuuta 2018

Spring 2018

Spring is here and our new girl is looking really nice. Already 6 months old now :) looking forward to her show start this summer! 

Halti and Eero from A-litter visited Vaasa IDS in April. Judge was Elina Haapaniemi and both of them got VG. Below some photos, 9 months in pics. 

W. Against The Wind, Eero, photo Heidi Lonnakko.

W. Against The Wind, Eero, photo Heidi Lonnakko.

W. Aphrodite In Starlight, Halti.

Mother and daughter, Saga and Halti.

Saga and Halti.

Girls with new collars: Naomi, Halti and Saga.

26 helmikuuta 2018

New familymember, Naomi

Our blog has been pretty quiet this winter, but we do have some nice news from December :) before Christmas we travelled to Lithuania with Saga, we didn’t gain any show success but it was a very nice trip otherwise. We will be attending some more shows abroad with her in the near future. After Christmas my big dream came true. We got a bitch puppy imported from UK. Her name is Naomi, officially Falconcrag Next Top Model. She is my first blue whippet and she has totally charmed everyone who have met her. Me included. Great temperament and looks in the same package! 4 months in the photos below...

Saga’s puppies have started their show careers in puppy classes with nice results. They will continue to participate in shows this summer in official classes. Below some photos, puppies are now 7 months.

W. African Star, Kairo 7 months

W. Autumn In New York, Hali 7 months

W. Adventure Seeker, Koda 7 months

W. Aphrodite In Starlight, Halti 7 months

W. Against The Wind, Eero 6 months

Dad Viljo and children Weikko, Koda, Kairo and Hali ❤️