16 lokakuuta 2017

Jyväskylä Int 14.-15.10.2017

We had a really nice weekend at Jyväskylä Int. Saga was in the showring for the first time after puppies and she presented herself really nicely. So proud of my little princess Saga <3 We also met two of her puppies on Saturday after the show. Kairo (W. African Star) and Hali (W. Autumn in New York) clearly remembered their mom and Saga loved to meet them :)

Jyväskylä Int 14.10.2017 judge: Grunheid Jean-Louis, France

Sandbay Stardust "Saga" EXC 1 CQ in open class

"Exc type, construction, format. Good head, eyes, expression, teeth, underjaw, neck, topline, chest, movement and character."

Jyväskylä Int 15.10.2017 judge: Javor Davor, Croatia

Sandbay Stardust "Saga" EXC 3 CQ in open class

"Very nice bitch. Good head. Excellent topline and underline. Well angulated. Good bones and body. Excellent temperament. Good mover. Well presented."

And last but not least som photos...

Saga 3 years, photo: Kai Heinonen

Saga 3 years, photo: Kai Heinonen

Saga 3 years, photo: Kai Heinonen

Saga <3

Kairo, our little African Star <3

Saga with her daughter Hali <3

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